Our Stories

Challenges and Successes

There have been many challenges and successes over the past 21 years.

An example of a challenge which became a success was when back in 2002 the owner of a local residential home decided to close it giving initially only 6 weeks’ notice to the 8 female residents who were of varying ages and varying levels of learning disability.

Through working in partnership with social work, housing health and independent advocacy, we ensured that those ladies (who incidentally had never previously made choices for themselves) moved to suitable tenancies with appropriate care packages.

We involved them in every decision – from choosing if they wanted to share a tenancy or if they wanted their own. If they wanted a flat or a house with a garden.  Carpets, furnishings, décor everything you could imagine for setting up a home for the first time – scary for these ladies!  There was much negotiation about their care packages with all of them requiring 24hr care and advocacy insisting on this initially.

The success of this is that these ladies have all thrived in the local community and have gone from having no voice to being able to tell us that they no longer need 24hr care.  They want time to themselves to watch their soaps or whatever.  They are now all treated as individuals with individual needs – things are done with them and not to them!

Fantastic!  A real example of using the key values of independent advocacy.