Our Services

In The Community

If you live in the community and need help to make choices, to put your views across at meetings or to find out information, advocacy might be for you.

In Nursing Homes

If you reside in a nursing home and feel unable to speak out, if required an advocate will help you to make your views known, e.g at reviews.

In HMP.Kilmarnock

If you are in prison and have mental health issues, an Advocate is based in the prison and will support you to access appropriate services, e.g about your health or pre-release information.

In Day Centres

If you attend a day centre, you could attend an advocacy group to help you get involved and put your views across.

In Hospital

If you have to go into hospital, we can visit you if you need help to make your views known, e.g about your treatment and care, pre-discharge meetings or if you have been detained under Mental Health Act.