East Ayrshire Advocacy Services

Advocacy is, advocacy is not

As founding members of the Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance, we follow their Principles, Standards & Code of Best Practice, which include the following examples of what independent advocacy is and is not. These examples can be helpful when considering whether to make a referral to our service.


Advocacy is:

  • about standing alongside people who are in danger of being pushed to the margins of society
  • about standing up for and sticking with a person or group and taking their side
  • a process of working towards natural justice
  • listening to someone and trying to understand their point of view
  • finding out what makes them feel good and valued
  • understanding their situation and what may be stopping them from getting what they want
  • offering the person support to tell other people what they want or introducing them to others who may be able to help
  • helping someone to know what choices they have and what the consequences of these choices might be
  • enabling a person to have control over their life but taking up issues on their behalf if they want you to.


Advocacy is not:

  • making decisions for an advocacy partner or group
  • giving advice or telling an advocacy partner or group what to do
  • providing mediation
  • providing counselling
  • providing befriending
  • providing care and support
  • solving all someone’s problems for them
  • providing therapy
  • creating a dependency
  • acting in the interests or wishes other than those of an advocacy partner or group
  • agreeing with everything a person says and doing anything a person asks.