East Ayrshire Advocacy Services

Welcome to our Older People’s Service.
Our mission is to ensure that older people’s views are heard and respected when decisions are being made about their lives.

For people over the age of 65.
Meet our Older People's Advocacy Team
Janette Barclay
Older People’s Advocacy Worker
Care Home Coordinator
Team Leader

Paulette Kidd
Older People’s Advocacy Worker

Advocacy provides vital support when decisions are being made about your life. It’s important for your voice to be heard when decisions are being made about you. Older people are among the most vulnerable in our society, many of them facing life changing decisions about their future. It’s important to be able to explain their views and ensure their voice is heard and rights are upheld.

Pamela Dewar
Older People’s Advocacy Worker

I encourage people to share their views. I’m respectful and listen to them to ensure their wishes are taken forward and valued when important decisions are being made. Working with older people in our community is enjoyable and rewarding when positive outcomes are achieved.

Catrina Speirs
Older People’s Advocacy Worker

I believe that older people are at the most sensitive stage of their lives. Society and technology change daily and this can lead to detachment and vulnerability. I want to support and empower older people to make informed choices.

How do we support older people?
  • Support at appointments (GP, hospital, health, finance, legal, housing)
  • Support and representation at meetings (AWI, ASP, social work, home care)
  • Support through power of attorney and guardianship processes
  • Help to understand paperwork and mail
  • Liaise and communicate with people and services on their behalf 
  • Make sure older people are aware of benefit entitlement
  • Signpost to other helpful agencies (helping hands, centrestage etc)
  • Ensure they understand their choices and options
  • Support residents in care homes to voice their views and opinions
  • Support service users in day centres to voice their views 
  • Problem solving and offering advocacy support at group meetings

* Please note, we are an issue based service and do not provide transport only.

Older people have the right to:

  • have a say in their lives
  • be safe 
  • be empowered
  • participate to a level they wish 
  • feel valued 
  • be respected 
  • be focused on and included
  • have their voices heard 
  • feel listened to