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Changing lives

Older Persons Service Referral
  • Person had cognitive impairment and was difficult to understand
  • Person was labelled with ‘dementia’ due to occasional challenging behaviour
  • Referred while in hospital with no prospect of returning home
EAAS Impact
  • Organised multi-disciplinary meeting
  • Established that the person did not have dementia
  • Returned home to his beloved dog and greenhouse
EAAS continues to support the client.

Solving complex issues

Adult Service Referral
  • Client was distressed and agitated as pharmacist failed to deliver controlled medication.
  • Pharmacist could not source medication therefore it was up to the client to source another supplier and collect prescription.
  • Client essentially housebound and impossible to attend pharmacy. No close relatives or friends. Medication had run out.
EAAS Impact

Advocate had to complete over 10 steps to organise a new prescription and medication. This included travelling to multiple pharmacies on multiple occasions, contacting the medical practice, updating medical records, ordering a new prescription and delivering the medication.

Encouraging participation

Adult Service Referral
  • Client with Huntingtons Disease
  • Kilmarnock Football Club season ticket holder
  • Missed attending the matches due to diagnosis
EAAS Impact
  • Contact nurse to check client was fit to attend
  • Organised care provider to accompany client to the matches
  • Collaborated with Kilmarnock Disabled Supporters Association to confirm a wheelchair place for match
  • Arranged transport and client attended first match in 2 years
Client was delighted with the outcome and hopes to make it a regular outing.

Supporting our older people

Older Person’s Service
  • Older client who was living alone as wife of 60+ years was admitted to care home.
  • Client was not managing paperwork with bills scattered around the house.
EAAS Impact
  • Organised community alarm
  • Arranged shopping service via Helping Hands
  • Contacted and organised bills
  • Contacted GP to organise Covid-19 vaccine
  • Organised Adults with Incapacity Meeting
  • Financial and Welfare Guardianship
  • Support client with medical meetings