East Ayrshire Advocacy Services

We want to know what you think about Adult Support & Protection!

We want your feedback

East Ayrshire Health & Social Care Partnership have asked East Ayrshire Advocacy Services (EAAS) to find out how adults at risk of harm and their family members or carers have experienced the support and protection services they received.

EAAS are asking people some questions to find out what they think of the Adult Support & Protection process, and to anonymously record what people think so it can be used to make things better (anonymously means no-one will know what you said when you spoke to us as we won’t use your name or any other personal details).

We want to see if adults at risk are being given the chance to have their voice heard and to see what they think about the adult protection process. We also want to find out how family members or carers who were involved experienced the process.

If you have been through Adult Protection we want to know what it was like for you. What you tell us will help East Ayrshire Health & Social Care Partnership do better in the future.