East Ayrshire Advocacy Services

Welcome to our Addictions Service.
Our mission is to ensure that people with addictions issues have their voice heard and can access support and services.

For adults with a drug and/or alcohol addiction.
Meet our Addictions Advocacy Team
Dominic McCormick
Addictions Advocacy Worker

It’s important for people with drug and alcohol issues to have the support of an independent advocate. I enjoy supporting people to empower themselves and assist them to make vital decisions on their own.

How do we support adults with addictions?
  • Support at meetings, appointments and groups where you feel your voice is not being heard
  • Ensure you have the relevant information to make informed choices. eg. care plans, medical treatment etc
  • Assist with relevant forms and paperwork
  • Help to present your views to other organisations if you have difficulty doing so
  • Raise awareness of accessible groups, activities and support to attend when necessary 
  • Respect your confidentiality and provide a safe environment 
  • Act on your behalf to help you find information and to act on it
  • Support you when you have important choices/decisions affecting your life
  • Assist you in relapse prevention
  • Engage with community groups, services and networks

People with addictions have the right to:

  • have a say in their lives
  • be safe 
  • be empowered
  • participate to a level they wish 
  • feel valued 
  • be respected 
  • be focused on and included
  • have their voices heard 
  • feel listened to